Fallen Sparrow

Directors note:


Dear City Tech Faculty,

This Spring Theatreworks will be presenting “Fallen Sparrow,” a theatrical work by Professor Victoria Lichterman, on April 1 (evening) and April 2 (club hours) in Atrium G38. This Educational Theatre piece attempts to begin a conversation about stopping genocide, and is based on Dr. Gregory Stanton’s 10 Stages of Genocide


This collaboration between the Humanities and Entertainment Technology Departments is a wonderful opportunity to have curricular investigation into the topic of genocide, and I urge you to consider taking advantage of this event. If you can incorporate any readings or assignments into your semester, and bring your students to see the production, I think we can begin a conversation at City Tech that would serve our students and our world.


Dr. Sarah Standing



Fallen Sparrow will be presented at the TV Studio located at 300 Jay Street  NAMM Building AG 38

Wednesday April 1 at 7pm SOLD OUT

Thursday April 2 at 1pm SOLD OUT

Click on get Tickets to make your reservation

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